This is a series of movement classes that uses principles of contemporary dance, Yoga, and somatic practices to work with the body as a whole. In the Winter Series, we will work with patterns of movement that warm-up the body, build up core strength, flexibility and develop new abilities. Throughout the course, practitioners will build a conscious flow of movement and get a better understanding of the different layers in their bodies. Here, movement is not an automatic and mindless exercise, so the class is ideal for those who want to be more in contact with themselves and feel better about how their bodies move, stand, and perform daily tasks.

At Caro Cafe. Eirich-Nehlhans-Strasse 21, 10247 Berlin.

20 Uhr


60 minutes



Bring Mit!

Comfortable clothes

Finanzieller Beitrag (am besten bar mitbrigen):

Full course: 100€ / 4-Card: 60 € / Drop-in: 17€ / Trial: 10€

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